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Toddler Time
Toddlers Rule our world 10am-noon daily!

Who: Toddlers and their parents/grandparents/nanny’s/etc 


What: Toddler Time

When: 10am-Noon Wednesday-Sunday. No appointment needed! (Maximum 1 hour stay during peak times.)

Where: Inside the Paint Playground rooms at The Craft Lab

Why: Picture a world where your kid can paint on anything, and you don't have to clean it up! In these special rooms, your kids can freely paint on walls, furniture, windows, whiteboards, mirrors, and doors (or on the canvas they'll take home). The best part? You can watch and help them for FREE!

Pricing: Starts at $15/child, including the carry-out box for the wet painting. Adults are free unless you want your canvas. We use washable, non-toxic tempera paint, and each child receives one paint tray plus one refill (extra trays available for $5 each).

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