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The Paint Playground
The MOST FUN thing we offer

Who: Anyone around age 2 and up! A minimum of 2 people are required to book an experience in The Paint Playground. The maximum is 12 “or so”. We have worked with kids groups of up to 36 at a time (with a bit of logistical magic). Please email us (or stop in) if you have a larger group you’d like to host at our facilities.


What: Immerse yourself in a 45-minute escapade of messy painting. Grab pipettes for delightful "drippies," or give them a squeeze for an explosive "SPLAT" on the canvas. Explore decorative scrapers for diverse designs, wave your canvas in the air for some "tye-dye," or go all out with squirt guns for the most exhilarating paint experience. Paint walls, furniture, doors, windows, whiteboards, mirrors, or even each other. Each participant takes home a canvas and a carryout box.


We use washable, non-toxic tempera paint. It easily washes off skin, hair, and most clothing. Plus, we provide you with a plastic poncho and safety glasses to wear. (No outside shoes in The Paint Playground, please! Socks or bare feet are welcome.) We capture the fun through photos and videos on YOUR phone for immediate memories.


When: Select the time that works best for your group, on our website. Simply pay a $25 non-refundable deposit to reserve the time slot. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back when you pay at the end of your experience. (Meeting people here? Only one of you needs to do this step.) Appointments start every hour on the hour (Noon-7pm). Appointments highly recommended, walk-ins welcome when available.

Where: The Craft Lab. 1334 State Route 131, Milford, OH, 45150.


Why: Because it's a phone-free zone where laughter echoes all day. "Best day of my life!" and "Best place ever!" are common refrains, mostly from the kids. 😉

Ideal for mixed age groups – from toddlers to teenagers to grandparents – everyone is bound to have a blast at The Paint Playground!


Pricing: Admission covers a canvas, carryout box, poncho, safety glasses, and your 45-minute slot. Small canvas admission is $26.99 per person, while a large canvas is $36.99 each.

Additional canvases during the experience are $10 or $15, depending on size (carryout boxes always included).

Extra paint cups are $5 each, and paint squirt guns are $5 each (each containing 200mL of paint). Additional colors beyond the initial set-up are available, and your host will guide you through the options.

The Craft Lab Paint Playground FAQ's
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