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Paint Playground Experience

Check out our splatter room! The Paint Playground

The Paint Playground is now open and ready for you! Inside this special room you can paint anything! But your goal by the end is to have created a perfectly messy masterpiece to take home. Your admission gets you protective gear (ponchos/safety glasses/etc) and a canvas of your choice.

What to expect: Choose what height to place your canvas, sling some paint, turn the canvas mid session to watch gravity work, and spin some more. There is no right or wrong way to have fun here! We also have a spinning lazy susan and various brushes and other tools available for your creative use.

Our paint is washable and non toxic but we highly recommend wearing clothes you don’t care about, just in case. Also, plan for transporting a wet canvas. Your masterpiece won’t be dry for about 24 hours. Purchase pizza boxes here to transport your canvases for only $1.25 each, or simply bring your own!

Kids pricing starts at $19.99, and adults $29.99 per painter. This includes protective gear and a "basic" canvas (typically a 10"x10" or 9"x12") but upgrades for different size/shape/color canvases are available. You may also purchase more than one canvas to paint during your same session. Price and availability based on what we have in stock at the time of your appointment. Special requests can be made in advance and will be fulfilled whenever possible. We just want you to have fun making things with your hands!

Adults may help kids paint for a $10 fee. This covers your protective gear and the extra paint that will be used while you're helping your child have fun. If you help paint, you must pay this fee.

Call or stop by to make your reservations! Walk-ins welcome anytime the room is not booked, but it's always good to give me a heads up that you are wanting to come in so the room can be prepped for your arrival. APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF STORE HOURS. SEE OUR PAINT PLAYGROUND APPOINTMENT HOURS HERE, AND BOOK YOUR SLOT TODAY.

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