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Where art and fun meet!

Paint Playground creates an environment where the joy of self-expression reigns supreme over perfection. People can come to connect with others through an extraordinary fun, creative, playful experience regardless of age, experience, background, or ability. Come embrace your creative spirit!

Let your creativity soar! Come dive into our vibrant, interactive creative space where the fun never stops. Paint Playground is your destination for a blast of colors and laughter! Whether you're in the mood to spin, splat, or simply have a great time, we've got you covered. Come join the fun and let your imagination run wild!

There' something for everyone...

Join us for your ideal activity, day or night. Check out what we have to offer, there really is something for everyone, no matter what age! Book with us today.

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Adult Groups

Join us in the Paint Playground for your night out with friends or coworkers. You can even bring your own drinks!

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Anytime Activities

Walk-ins welcome! There are so many options to explore. Come check it out and see what it is that fuels your creativity!


Families + Kids

Come to the Paint Playground anytime with the family! We welcome ages, 2 people minimum and 12 people maximum. 


Shop Now

Create the best gifts for yourself or others! Come check out the kits we offer to build your creation on your own time. 


Party Packages 

From birthday parties to corporate team building, you can enjoy the Paint Playground. This is open to all ages.



Book Paint Playground for your events! You won't believe the fun we'll have! Let's chat through your ideas to get started.

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